Business Opportunities/Advertising

Prescott Valley Event Center is a premier multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex that presents an unprecedented marketing opportunity. Private and corporate participation at many levels will serve to create tangible marketplace exposure, greater community involvement, and strong brand awareness throughout Northern Arizona.

For more information, contact Satish "Catfish" Athelli at 928-583-6086 or satish_athelli@comcastspectacor.com

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  • Great location for PBR! I have been going for 3 years now with my family. Perfect stadium for pretty much any seat.
    Tiffany W.
  • Very nice and cool.
    Al G.
  • Fun basketball experience.
    Valerie M.
  • Great place to have fun.
    Nikki A.
  • They held a dinner event in the arena. It was different and quite special to have it in an unusual place.
    Benjamin B.