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General Information / Guest Services

Alcoholic Beverages
No alcoholic or beverages of any kind are permitted to be brought into Prescott Valley Event Center.  Concession stands located throughout the arena will sell various types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Arizona law prohibits the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.  Guests may be required to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages.  Alcoholic beverages may not leave the building (including the Smoking Patios on the main level).

With the exception of certified service animals for guests with disabilities, guests are not permitted to bring animals to the arena.

Automatic Teller Machines
An Automated Teller Machines is maintained and operated by Country Bank and located inside Prescott Valley Event Center. 

Banners, Signs, and Air Horns
Banners and signs are permitted inside Tim’s Toyota Center for Arizona Sundogs games; however, they must be constructed of flame retardant material, may not be obstructive of corporate signage, and may not be displayed during play of game due to sight line restrictions.  Banners or signs may not be placed on railings, on walls, or be commercial in nature, obscene, or cause a disturbance to other fans.  Poles or sticks to display banners or flags are prohibited.  Tim’s Toyota Center reserves the right to remove any banner or sign without exception.  Banner and sign restrictions may vary for non-sporting events. Air Horns are not permitted as they can be disruptive to game play and are annoying to many guests.

Prescott Valley Event Center camera policy varies from event to event and is usually dictated by artist contractual requirements.  Non-professional cameras may be permitted at some events, but each event has its own policy.  (Non-professional cameras are permitted at all Arizona Sundogs games.)

When an event’s production management requires a "No Camera Policy," it will be enforced by Prescott Valley Event Center event staff.  Please call (928) 772-1819 for information on a specific event’s camera policy.  Under no circumstances are audio and video recording devices allowed for any event at Prescott Valley Event Center.

Please note - cameras are not allowed for all events, so please call in advance.  (Disposable cameras are highly recommended as they are the most often permitted.)

Child Admission
Children under age 2 are admitted free into most events at Prescott Valley Event Center provided that they share a seat with an accompanying adult.  As this policy may differ by event, please call the Ticket Office in advance to confirm.

Community Service
Prescott Valley Event Center is committed to being a "good neighbor" and corporate citizen.  For more information please contact the Prescott Valley Event Center Marketing Department at (928) 772-1819.

Concierge Desk
The Prescott Valley Event Center Concierge provides many informational services to our guests.  The Concierge Desk is located on the lower level, near the main entrance and is open during all events.

Diaper Changing Stations
Diaper Changing Stations are located in select men’s, women’s and family restrooms on the north concourse, the south concourse and on the suites level.

Disabled Facilities
Prescott Valley Event Center is designed to ADA compliance offering conveniently located disabled parking spaces with van accessible spaces included.  Wheelchair access is provided at restrooms, payphones, drinking fountains, concession/merchandise stands and ticket counters.

Disabled Guests Services
Disabled parking is located on the west side of Prescott Valley Event Center, accessible via Florentine and Main Street.  A state issued disabled license plate or placard must be presented to park in this reserved section.

Wheelchair seating is located on each level.  The upper level is accessed by the elevators located on the west and southeast sides of the facility.

Emergency Calls
All ticket holders should record their section, row and seat numbers at home and the office.  It is important for babysitters and family members to have this information and call the arena receptionist at 928-772-1819 should a family emergency arise.  Arena public address announcements to locate individuals will not be made.  Messengers may only locate those individuals if given specific seat information.

Emergency Vehicle Service
Prescott Valley Event Center management will provide contact for on-call vehicle emergency services to guests parking on the Prescott Valley Event Center site.  If a vehicle emergency should arise please approach a parking attendant or go to the Concierge Desk at the main entry.

Entry Inspections
All guests entering the facility to attend an event are subject to a visual inspection, bag check, physical pat down and/or metal detector inspection conducted by Tim’s Toyota Center security personnel.  The purpose of the inspection is to detect prohibited items.  Large bags, backpacks, suitcases, and beach bags are not permitted into the facility.  Guests may refuse inspection; however, be advised this may result in denied entry to the event.

Family Restrooms
Family washrooms are located in the north and south sides of the concourse level as well as on the suite level.

First Aid
First Aid facilities are located on the lower level north east corner of the concourse near Section 209.  Paramedics are often available throughout the arena and will respond immediately when assistance is needed.

Food & Beverage
Prescott Valley Event Center offers many permanent concession stands and additional points of sale with portable service stations throughout the North and South concourses.

There are a wide variety of culinary tastes offered along with traditional fan favorites as well as regional branded food and beverages.  Outside food and drink are prohibited from entering the building.

The concourses feature 4 permanent concession stands, as well as portable concession locations.  Credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) are accepted at permanent concession stands.

Gates Open
For most events, doors generally open no later than one (1) hour prior to the published show time.

Guest Conduct
Prescott Valley Event Center intends to provide all guests with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, family-friendly environment.  Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing are not permitted on arena property.

Guest courtesy is an important element of enjoyment during every event at Prescott Valley Event Center.  Improper conduct (including profane or abusive language, throwing objects, disrespectful behavior to other guests or Prescott Valley Event Center staff) may result in ejection from the building.  Seemingly intoxicated guests will not be granted access into the arena or may be asked to leave the facility.

For the safety and enjoyment of all at each event, guests are expected to fully cooperate with the instructions/directives of Prescott Valley Event Center staff when ensuring policy compliance.

Guests should be alert and aware of hockey equipment, sticks, pucks, breaking glass, and players that may enter the seating area.  The risk of spectator injury is greatly increased by those who are not aware of the play in progress.

Guest Services
Our specialized Guest Services team helps guests needing special assistance, offers wheelchairs and answers questions providing facility and event information as needed.  For Guest Services team information, call (928) 772-1819 or visit the Concierge Desk located on the lower level concourse by the main entry.

I.D. Bracelets
Children's I.D. bracelets that can be marked with seat locations may be available at the Concierge Desk.  This will assistPrescott Valley Event Center staff in identifying and returning lost children.

The Children’s ID Bracelet Program is available to guests attending events with children.  Guests are asked to register their children with Guest Services so that they can be easily found in the event they are separated from their parents or guardians.  The child will be given a wristband containing vital information.  If a child is lost during an event, he or she will be brought to Guest Services where a Prescott Valley Event Center team member will use the information on the wristband to locate the parents or guardian.

Item Check
Strollers may be checked at the Concierge Desk located on the lower level concourse by the main entry.  Guests check these items at their own risk as Prescott Valley Event Center is not responsible should items left at the Concierge desk become lost or damaged.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found may be claimed at the Concierge Desk located on the lower level concourse by the main entry during an event.  During non-event hours, lost and found items can be claimed at the Security Office located by the loading dock on the East side of the facility.  Items will be retained for two weeks.  After the two week retention period, items may be donated to charity.  For more information, please call (928) 772- 1819.

Merchandise Kiosks
Merchandise stands for additional Tim’s Toyota Center events are conveniently located throughout the main concourse.  Their location may vary from event to event so please check with the Concierge for locations for your specific event.

Prohibited Items
The following items are strictly prohibited at Tim’s Toyota Center under any circumstances:

* No video recorders, audio recorders or other similar electronic devices
* No professional cameras (Exception: Credentialed media presenting pre-authorized PVEC issued press pass for the specific event.)
* No laser pointers or air horns
* No weapons of any kind including mace/pepper spray. (Exception: On-duty law enforcement officers on official business.)
* No backpacks, large bags, sealed packages of any kind (including gifts for performers)
* No bottles, cans, coolers
* No outside food or beverages. *Exceptions are made for medical reasons, baby food and reasonable children’s snacks (crackers, raisins, juice boxes, etc.)

The following items may be permitted when necessary:

* Purses and diaper bags are permitted and will be inspected by security.
* Binoculars and cell phones are permitted and are subject to security inspection.

For the safety and security of patrons and personnel, Tim’s Toyota Center has a no re-entry policy.  Once you leave the building during an event, you will not be permitted to return.

Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergency (i.e. retrieve medicine from their vehicle) must first visit our Concierge Desk in the main lobby to explain the unusual circumstance and request re-entry authorization.  Management decisions regarding guest re-entry are final.

Scalpers and Ticket Brokers
"Scalpers" and ticket brokers are not recognized ticketing agents of Tim’s Toyota Center.  If you purchase lost or stolen tickets from a non-authorized agent, you risk being removed from the seats you are in upon the presentation of a replacement ticket by the legal ticket holder.

We urge everyone to purchase tickets at the Tim’s Toyota Center Box Office or through

Security/Crowd Management
Prescott Valley Event Center security is managed in-house with a staff that provides professional protection for the facilities, guests and performers.  Our electronic security system features indoor/outdoor closed circuit TV cameras/monitors, electric door alarms, maximum lighting and a security post.  The Town of Prescott Valley police officers are often on-site throughout the arena to render assistance when needed.

Creating a safe and secure environment for all of our guests and employees is our highest priority.  It is our responsibility to make sure the people who spend time at this facility are safe and secure.  We will take the necessary measures to provide an environment where our guests can have a good time without concern.

Prescott Valley Event Center security personnel reserve the right to determine the method of security checks as deemed necessary including the use of metal detectors, pat down, the physical search of jackets, clothing and other items.

Service Animals
Certified service animals are welcome at Prescott Valley Event Center.  Please notify your ticket seller at the time of purchase if an aisle seat is required to accommodate your service animal.  All service animals must be identifiable as such and remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.  Otherwise, pets are not permitted at Tim’s Toyota Center.

Smoking Areas
Prescott Valley Event Center offers smoking patios for guests on the main level near Sections 212 and 209.  Suite level guests may use the patios located upstairs.  In accordance with Arizona law, you are required to be at least 20 feet away from the entrance when smoking.

No loitering, trespassing, soliciting/peddling, resale of tickets, merchandise or apparel is allowed on arena property.  Any exception to this policy must be approved, in advance, by Prescott Valley Event Center and the Town of Prescott Valley.

There are Luxury Suites available for rental on an event basis.  For information on nightly Luxury Suite rentals and purchases, please contact our Luxury Suites Sales Executive at 928 772-1819.

There are public telephones located on main level.  Please ask any Prescott Valley Event Center staff member for assistance.

Television Monitors
Television monitors are stationed throughout the building at concessions stands and radio play-by-play in the concourses help ensure that guests never miss a moment of the action, even when leaving their seat.

Ticket Information
Ticket information/ Pickup window is located at the Ticket Office on the west side of the building near the main entrance.  Tickets may be purchased with cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.

Advance tickets are available during events at the inside ticket windows located on the main concourse, west side of the building. 

Wheelchair Disabled Services

* Prescott Valley Event Centerr has two (2) wheelchairs on site for all events.  These wheelchairs are for transport between the main entry and the guest’s seat before and after the event and may not be left with the guest during the event.
* A Guest Services employee will meet a guest at the entrance ofPrescott Valley Event Center (main lobby), transport them to their seat and pick them up following the event taking them to the exit.
* We CANNOT provide wheelchair transportation outside of the arena.
* Guests who have their own wheelchairs are directed to appropriate elevators when on site for an event.
* Guests who require wheelchair assistance at an event are encouraged to call the arena in advance (928-772-1819) to request the service or they can ask for assistance at the door when arriving (due to the limited number of wheelchairs available on site, a delay may occur).

Will Call / Ticket Pickup Window
Ticket Pickup Window is located at the main entrance ofPrescott Valley Event Center at the Main Ticket Office.

Ticket Pickup Window opens ninety (90) minutes prior to the scheduled event and will generally remain open through the first hour of an event.